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$300M Delaware River Channel Deepening Project Traffic Management

Challenge: The decade-long, $300 M Delaware River channel deepening project work reached a fever pitch from 2017-2019. Project included removal of old pipelines, explosive blasting, hydraulic hammering near active pipelines, and extensive dredging. As many as seven different dredging units worked in the river at one time, including multiple hopper dredges, multiple cutter suction dredges, drag barges, a drill rig blasting bedrock with high explosives, bucket dredges, a hydraulic hammering unit and countless support craft. Channel obstructions and closures, traffic diversions, and vessel movement restrictions were commonplace.

Solution: Collaborated closely with USCG Waterways staff to plan safety zones and other traffic restrictions that helped ensure safety and efficiency of deepening project while facilitating maritime traffic. Also worked with USACE, dredging contractors, and all port/navigation constituents to socialize and actively manage alternate traffic arrangements to facilitate channel deepening project.