Submarine Power Cable Installation Across Busy Shipping Channel

Challenge: Grid reliability enhancements necessitated submarine installation of seven high voltage power cables and two fiber optic cables beneath the river bottom across the main shipping channel of the Delaware River. Each cable installation required multiple passes of 122-meter LOA trenching/burial installation barge resulting in fourteen transits that completely obstructed the busy Delaware River Main Channel during four to six-hour crossings.

Solution: Liaise between project sponsor, installation sub-contractor, USCG, USACE, and navigation constituents.  Collaborated with project sponsor and installation contractor to create installation plan and supporting written protocols that balanced project safety and efficiency requirements with the need for uninterrupted maritime commerce. Coordinated vessel traffic and interfaced with USCG regarding project safety zone, other project considerations.  Extensive coordination minimized impact to channel that receives ~200 unique vessel arrivals per month.